My Interview with Cyd Ropp, PhD

We discuss fundamentalism as a fractal pattern permeating our institutions.

Dr. Cyd Ropp, PhD, is an author, speaker, and a Gnostic sage of the first order. She holds degrees in Psychology, Education, Counseling and a PhD in Classical Rhetoric (the study of ancient manuscripts). Her papers, published in both academic and popular journals, have won many awards, and she taught at  university for six years before launching her own career as a writer and podcaster. Her vision of  individual units of consciousness nested in in a sea of universal consciousness is one which I share, and her commentary on fractal patterns caught my eye because I too use fractal imagery in my writing. I highly recommend Cyd’s books and podcasts.

Audio courtesy Cyd Ropp

Cyd’s two insightful blogs can be found through the below links:

Cyd’s wonderful books can be purchased through either, or Amazon:

One thought on “My Interview with Cyd Ropp, PhD

  1. Hello, Adrian, I have listened to your recent interview. Your ability to express yourself is very impressive, Adrian.

    The question, “Are we Gnostics also seeing ourselves as ‘right’? Are we not doing the same thing?” The answer, I think, is that those who are, in fact, right are so not because of a fear-based directive by the ego but by a sense of rightness percolating upward from the true self. A big difference.

    We are bothered by the evil ones today because the mortal shell feels threatened, but I am reminded of something Jesus said, “They can only kill the body,” and that’s not very much.

    Best regards, great job, Adrian,



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