My Interview with Steve Seven

“Defeating the Archons”


I have the pleasure of being  joined in the Zoom Room by New Testament scholar Steve Seven. Steve is a prolific author, a psychotherapist, a mythologist and an expert on the psychology of both Freud and Jung. You can find out more about Steve at

In both Part 1 and Part 2 we discuss “Defeating the Archons”.

In Part 1 we define terms. Who (what) are the archons, the Elohim, demons and daemons, gods and angels.  How does archontic influence play itself out in the physical realm? We discuss possible solutions, such as “parallel structures” and community-based governance operating within and alongside the empire of the archons.

In Part 2 we discuss deception programs, the importance of multiple sources of information, the quest for autonomy, the importance of inner work as an indirect strategy influencing the outer world.

Part 1

Part 2

(C) Adrian Charles Smith 2021

2 thoughts on “My Interview with Steve Seven

  1. Hello, Adrian, I hope you’re doing well.

    I recently came across a quotation, channeled via the direct-voice mediumship of Emily French, recorded by attorney Edward C. Randall, that is quite in line with your “absolute sovereignty of the individual” principle:

    “Let no one ever resign the sovereignty of himself, his mind or body into the hands of another, be he Priest or layman. For a man’s freedom is his Divine Prerogative, and he who yields it to another is more abject than the lowest slave.”

    Concerning the Archons, I am skeptical of this, Adrian. In all of my travels searching out the afterlife resources in the last 25 years, I have never come across a soulless entity, one able to deceive or cause trouble. I would have to conclude, or to offer the likelihood, that the Archons represent some metaphor of some of the Gnostics as they attempted to make sense of the cosmos. As such, I’m not sure if this area is a worthwhile topic for considerable thought.

    I have found quite a large number of good things in my studies in the last few months, and have added them to my site. Too many to talk about, though I’d like to.

    Best to you,



    1. Hey Wayne
      Thanks for your comment.
      Love the quote from E.C Randall.
      As for the archons, you seem to agree with my guest who thinks the archons (rulers) are entirely human though hidden from view. I also agree with something you said before, that when talking to a Gnostic, you can never be sure what is literal and what is allegorical. Jung’s interest in Gnosticism was in alchemy (Steve’s specialty) which he saw as an allegory of the “individuation” process and he thought the demiurge corresponded to the human ego and the archons as aspects of the ego. For me the allegorical and the symbolic are the most important thing and in every meaningful respect, entirely real. However, to say that the archons can only be human is, for me, the same thing as saying we are alone in the universe (as a species) or that if we are not alone, any alien species or entities must be either benign or disinterested in us. Personally, I think the universe is teeming with life and that we, like the ant, have a limited viewpoint, perceiving a tiny sliver of the electromagnetic spectrum. Nevertheless, I do think the symbolic is where the rubber hits the pavement.
      Cheers, Adrian


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